Updated 12 April 2018

The Sam Pawlak Award

Courtesy of SENTINEL & ENTERPRISE / Ashley Green

Sam refereed understanding that sport transcends what happens on the court, and in the end it's all about the character of the people who play, coach and officiate. Unfortunately, Sam has suffered an "L", but as a person he has already won the championship, is an MVP, and a member of the Hall of Fame.

Board 44's Board of Directors is proud to announce an annual award in Sam's name to the coach and official who emulates Sam's character, integrity, sportsmanship and understands that there is much more to basketball than "W"s.

Sam Pawlak Award Winners

2018 Basketball Official Recipient

Steve Tata

2018 Basketball Coach Recipient

Jeff Scott

2017 Basketball Official Recipient

Robert Bourque

2017 Basketball Coach Recipient

Tony Gannon - Clinton

2016 Basketball Official Recipient

Roman Ferguson

2016 Basketball Coach Recipient

Pat Murphy - NMRHS

2015 Basketball Official Recipient

Sam Marrone

2015 Basketball Coach Recipient

Jeff O'Neill - Oakmont